Wellcome to the useless domain!👋👋

This domain is the first and the longest domain (63 characters), with th extension .si (register.si tukaj). It was registered 05. 06. 2020 in Slovenia.

I am sure, your question so far is: Why the hell this domain exists? 🤔 Simple answer: We don't know. Why not. 🤷
Administrator of this domain is Nikigre, co-owners of this beautiful domain are Yxmaxy and LeePush.


Do you want an email like this: username@brezveznadomenasamozatodadrzimorekordzanajdaljsodomenoskoncnico.si?? 😮😮

Some numbers 📈

Number of visits today: 12

Number of visits in the last 7. days: 75

Number of visits in the past 30. days: 327

Number of visits in the past year: 3547

Max number of visits in one day: 23. 09. 2020: 507

SUM of all visits: 11302

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The problems we encountered with this domain ❌

The first problem that arose was the domain registration. The domain was registered immediately, but it took two days for it to work properly. There was a problem entering the name servers in the register.si system, but the provider Si-shell.net and Register.si fixed the problem.

Another problem that has occurred is the installation of an SSL certificate (this certificate ensures that all data sent between the user and the server is protected). The process of installing an SSL certificate took several days in order to be able to provide an https connection, but it turned out that cPanel does not issue certificates for such long domains. Domain is too long for one character ... The error reported by the system is:

  WARN (XID 2ecqaq) The value “brezveznadomenasamozatodadrzimorekordzanajdaljsodomenoskoncnico.si” for “commonName” is too long by 2 bytes.
The maximum allowed length is 64 bytes. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/SSL/Auto/Provider/cPanel.pm line 206.  
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a secure connection to this website ...

Guarantee of Register.si on the longest domain ✔️

The Register.si replies that the domain is currently the longest and the only one with 63 characters.
The Register.si replies that the domain is currently the longest and the only one with 63 characters.

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